Neck of Femur Fracture Treatment in Young Adults

Femoral neck fractures in young adults are uncommon and often the result of high-energy trauma. They are associated with higher incidences of femoral head Osteonecrosis and non-union.

Multiple factors can play a significant role in preventing these devastating complications and contribute to a good outcome. While achieving an anatomic reduction and stable internal fixation are imperative, other treatment variables, such as time to surgery, the role of capsulotomy and the fixation methods remain debatable.

Patient Name: Mr.Manickam 37 Years old male

-Patient presented with the alleged history of RTA (Two wheeler vs car) and he
sustained injury over his Left hip on 15/4/19

Patient Name: Mr.MariyaRobin 25 Years old male

-Patient presented with the alleged history of accidental fall from
two-wheeler, on 13-3-19, sustained an injury over Left hip presented with the
complaints of pain and swelling with limitation of movements.